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Hi there,

This journal is one I mostly use for posting random personal stuff, as well as writing ideas, bits of stories, working stuff, that kind of thing (aka not anything fit for real consumption), so pretty much everything is friend locked.  If you're looking for the journal I use for fanfiction, that's located at [personal profile] ara   If you need/want access to this journal, drop me a line.

I often give out techie help to my friends, which i located at [personal profile] codeblue .

In addition, I also post on [ profile] allserendipity and [ profile] arithilim


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Here be all the places and people I've got materials from for my various dapples in graphics. Much thanks and love to everyone here.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I'm quite happy with it being spring where I am.  I love the season.  The warm, but not quite hot temperature, the rain that really makes everything smell good, watching any wayward snowstorms melt.  The birds come back, the sun comes out, and there's no more snow that makes even the sunniest day seem cold like in winter.  It's all green and blue and grey when it rains.  But I love it when it rains cause it's just so nice in comparison to the other stuff. 

Spring is like eucatasrophe, it's things suddenly turning good after the cold darkness of winter.  It's change and renewal and running around outside in the mud.  I just love it.

Of course, right now it's 29°F and it snowed last night *sigh*  Spring might officially be here, but I'm waiting for it to really show up :p

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Ok, so Pirates vs. Ninjas: the age old question.  The age of the internet that is. 

For countless years, the debate has ranged: which force would win?  There are many factors to consider.  Pirates have guns...and parrots.  But Ninjas have awesome skills of deception and fighting.  And they dress cool, all in black and everything. 

But personally, I think that those who are in this war fail to see the true possibilities, they are so stuck in a narrow frame of mind.  They need to open up, broaden their horizons, see past the petty differences.  Because why should we have to choose between pirates and ninjas?  Why can't we have both?

The pirates and the ninjas should team up to become the pirate-ninjas, a truly unstoppable force.  With swords, guns, parrots, awesome ninja fighting skills, and really cool outfits they would truly decimate any and all competition.

So ask yourself this: it the battle really worth it when we could have so much more?


Jun. 6th, 2008 04:33 pm
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Ok, wow, I have a journal.  That's awesome!! So, I know no one is probably going to read this, but still.  It's entertaining for me at least.  So yeah...


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